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6 Types Of Filling Stitches For Embroidery

Embroidery is such a fun thing to do especially when you are a sewer and willing to make your career in this field with all your passion. If you have the best sewing machine for beginners then you must have searched what are the best filling stitches to add beauty and attraction in your work. Let us tell you about some of the best filling stitches you can choose to use in your embroidery work.

Blanket Stitch:

When you are preparing something in a full design pattern and if you want to replace satin stitch from another stitch then use a blanket stitch. This is an amazing filling stitch that can be done through a sewing machine or you can also do it by hand. The filling stitch will provide you a proper outline of a design and it can mimic the satin stitch look.

Cross Stitch:

If you are one of the fans of embroidery then you should try cross stitch as your favorite stitch. This stitching style looks fancy even if you are just using it for the filling purpose. The shape of the stitch will be in x and it can also show you many variations in the design. As compared to the other stitches, cross stitch is quite different.

Chain Stitch:

While looking for some versatile stitches, chain stitch must be your go-to stitch. This can just not be used for the filling but it can also be used for the outline, filling, chaining and much more. This can be done through your favorite brand machine-like the best Singer sewing machine that can provide you high-quality stitches even if you are doing embroidery as a beginner.

Satin Stitch:

The first stitch that comes into the mind of anyone while talking about the filling stitch is satin stitch. The quality of these stitches is quite smooth and if you like to be quite particular about outline then satin stitch is just the right choice for you. The one thing you need to focus on while working on satin stitches is to match the fabric surface and even the nature of stitch.

Long and Short Stitch:

When you have a big embroidery area to fill and you are trying to use a variation of different colors then long and short stitch is the best for filling. This filling gives you a major advantage of filling the design even if you have completed the work and the neatness of your work will remain the same.

French Knot Filling:

If you want your design to look multi-dimensional then French knot filling is the best choice. It can be done by hand most of the time as you have to prepare several French knot stitches to cover up the whole embroidery area. You can fill the area in different effects depending on the nature of your work.


For the embroidery purpose, you should have a great sewing machine and you can also take complete information from Quick Guide to The Best Singer Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy to enhance your sewing and embroidery skills.


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