Our #BarberTalk Mission

Through our training we aim to arm barbers with the knowledge of how to do all spot suffering with mental health and be the support that person needs

BarberTalk is a bespoke training program which is being built alongside Papyrus and Pieta House suicide prevention and mental health charities in the UK and Ireland. These great organisations have fantastic training programs in place already which we are working on to make them relevant to our amazing industry.

We aim to create training that will enable barbers to Recognise, Talk, Listen and Advise their clients when they are sat in their chair. As Barbers we have a unique relationship of trust and friendship crossing personal space which often creates a strong bond between barber and client allowing many people to open up and discuss subjects they wouldn’t usually talk to friends or family about.

We don’t want barbers to become councillors, however we would love our industry to embrace the trust we have earned to make a difference and be able to become that first step on that journey, directing people in the right direction to where they can receive the help they need.

Our dream is to roll this training out to all areas of the globe,creating safe places for people to go and talk about the issues they have with the people they trust, breaking the taboo and showing the world that it is ok to be not ok and to share their problems without fear of judgement.

1. Recognise
Recognise any signs of suicidal thoughts, depression, self harm or mental health.
2. Ask
Talk to their client in the right manner in order to let them know it is ok to talk and make them feel comfortable with sharing.
3. Listen
Truly listen to what they have to say taking in every detail.
4. Help to Help
Signpost people on to the correct help whether it comes from a national or local organisation.

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Barbertalk live was an incredibly well put together day; the culmination of some very hard work, by some inspirational people. We laughed, we cried, we had flashbacks, but most importantly, we did it together. Because together, we are stronger. It was a day to remember and a day I’m proud to have been involved in. To share the stage with these people, is the highlight of my career this far.

Mark Loftin

Lions Affiliate

The Barber Talk Live was a very powerful and emotional journey for me, along with adding to my skill sets, it helped me identify that I had been dismissing signs of suicide with my own son...I wouldn’t of been aware of this if the training hadn’t of taken place, this in itself, has helped save a life and for that, I am very grateful 🙏🏻💖 I now feel fully  passionate and engaged about spreading knowledge and education regarding suicide awareness and have taken a lot home with me that I will now be implementing within my own Lions Den drop-ins, you are all an incredible inspiration to me #feelingblessed #TogetherWeAreStronger 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Darren Birch

Lions Affiliate

Being part of BarberTalk Live was an incredible way to join both suicide prevention training and barbering. An amazing insight on how we, as barbers, can help end the stigma that comes with men’s mental health.

Lesley MacBain

Lions Affiliate

Education is key to development. It was a privilege to stand alongside the pride to deliver and take part in what can be only described as groundbreaking.


Stacey Ayles

Lions Affiliate

Barbertalk live was a truly awesome day. We were able to help barbers & hairdressers in the Torbay area recognise and be trained in suicide awareness. Our goal and drive is now shared with others to achieve zero suicide across the uk. It was a day that took strength and bravery from all that took part but resulted in an even bigger collective of people striving for the safety of humanity.

We all have the ability to be strong, but Together , we are stronger.

Dan Davies

Lions Affiliate

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