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A little insight to some of what BarberTalk and The Lions Barber Collective are up to.
Written by numerous members of the Lions Barber Collective.

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Do you have a story about your experiences with the Lions or a story about mental health? Get in touch with us and we may feature it on our blog.

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Has a post on our blog made you think about your or someone else's mental health? Contact us or if in urgent need contact a relevant helpline.

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Sample Post

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How to Speak and Support Someone Suffering from Depression

Having a conversation with someone close to you about depression isn’t easy. It’s not a fun or simple topic to approach, its difficult to know what to say to comfort them, and its hard to figure out what to do afterwards. But what’s the alternative… to ignore it and hope it gets better? Why  Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Depression and suicide in young males is a modern, sometimes labelled as silent, epidemic. By

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