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If you want The Pride to join you in your area there are many ways we can do this including our BarberTalk Live training and Pop up Safe Space Barbershops. 
BarberTalk Live – Our bespoke training which combines both hair and mental health training will enable hair pros to be able to RECOGNISE the signs in their clients and colleagues, give them the confidence to ASK the right questions, enable them to LISTEN with empathy and without judgment and finally empower those hair pros to HELP to HELP those suffering find the resources they need.
Pop Up Barbershop – We can bring the Lions barbershop to you! We have the kit and the barbers with a kind ear, all you need is a place with power and some hair to cut. We will provide empathetically skilled barbers who will be able to come to your school, university, sports club, student accommodation, convention pub, live music event and more. We can do this for as many days with a small or bigger team of barbers as you need. Making your event a more stylish, safer place!

Public Speaking – Many of The Pride have speaking experience and love to spread the roar of The Lions Barber Collective. Our founder Tom Chapman has even given a TED talk on the story of the charity and the importance of our mission.

BarberTalk Live

Interested in more extensive training? Find out how to book one of our Live training sessions.

Pop-Up Events

Book a pop-up safe space barbershop with the Lions.